Number of players: 2 to 8 • Age: 8+ • Duration: 20 minutes

It’s the Cannes Film Festival and the preview of the film “Poule Poule” is turning into a nightmare. Indeed, just under an hour before the projection, clumsy Waf mixed up all of the film reels ! To help Cocotte, who does not have a minute to lose, and to avoid that Crack does not crack up for good, we must reassemble the film as quickly as possible ! And don’t forget, the story ends with the fifth egg !


The director, the “Poule-poule Master” (PPM), will stack the cards, one by one, on top of each other in the center of the table. Once placed, these cards will compose the Movie.

Meanwhile, the other players will just have to count the eggs ! Easy !

But, expect some troubles…

Here is one available Egg …
(You may have heard about Crack, a promising talent, for the first time on screen in a role of composition!)

When a Hen comes, she sits on an Egg – hop! – the Egg disappears… COUNT 0 !
(No doubt you heard about the famous Cocotte)

And when a Fox comes, he chases one Hen away – hop ! – She goes away ! And so, one Egg comes back ! COUNT 1 !
Otherwise it would be too simple…
(Let us introduce Grrr, the Fox charming…)

Not to mention the rest of the cast …

Egg, Hen, Fox, the world would be very sad if we had already seen it all… Here are the rest of the characters:

From left to right :
Rico Coco ( with a tumultuous past ) ; Waf ( Paf’s cousin ) ; le Fermier ; Tiger Worm ( the one who will make his hole ) ; Crack & Double ( who do not intend to stay in their shell ) ; Coin ( the ambitious who does not stay there … ) ; et Grrr ( trying to pretend to be a chicken, what would he not do to enter the barnyard … )

Neither the moods of the Poule Poule Master

The farmer has a hangover that morning, and decides not to pick up the ostrich eggs ? The duck is hungry and decides to eat the worm ? All those crispy details are in the hand of the Machiavellian Poule Poule Master, who has all the rights! Mouaaaaa! But don’t worry, you will become him too since this role passes from player to player! Good games!

Poule Poule is a TRIC TRAC APPROVED game