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PATOU’CHE… Do not touch my sheep !

A game by Cédric NH, illustrated by Emilie Goulet.

  • Age: 7+
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Number of players: 3 – 5
  • Intergenerational ~ Cards and dice ~ Herd management
  • Release date: Beginning 2022

In Patou’che! each player is a shepherd who dreams of having the biggest flock of sheep. But beware of the wolf that is lurking around, he too likes sheep, but to eat them! In order to protect their sheep, the players can count on their faithful sheepdogs: the patous. The game ends as soon as a player has 6 sheep cards in his herd. The winner is the one who has the most sheep at the end of the game.

A cooperative mode also allows you to play all together against the wolf.

How to play?

The active player can roll the dice up to 3 times, keeping at least 1 die after each roll.
The wolf side moves the wolf, the sheep side wins a sheep and the paw side wins a paw…
Once the result of the dice suits the player, or after 3 throws maximum, the action of each die is applied.

Then comes the next player ‘s turn, in a clockwise direction.



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GRAAL, all want the power but only one will get the glory…

A game by Aurélien Filippi and Joan Bacheré, illustrated by Aurélien Filippi.

AGE 8 + | 3 TO 5 PLAYERS | 30 MIN

Graal is a card game that is played in four rounds in which players play as legendary heros from the Arthurian cycle.


In the first three rounds, players attempt to win quests by taking turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or symbol. Special Legendary cards deliver turnarounds as they help you defeat your opponents. These include draw cards, skip a turn, reverse… If you can’t make a match, you must draw from the central pile. The first player to rid themselves of all the cards in their hand before their opponents
wins the quest card in play. Quest cards provide special powers for the next rounds.

At any time during the game, if a player plays the Grail card, they can win the game instantly if they manage to play it as their last card.


If you get to the fourth round, the Tournament, then the players compete to the last survivor: the player who has no cards left in hand chooses the one to be eliminated and takes his cards, until only one is left.


The cards, illustrated by Aurélien Filippi.




Are you a professional ?

If you need more technical or commercial information about Graal, click below.

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DOUDOU, the cooperative investigation game for the little ones!

  • from 3 years old
  • for 1 to 4 detectives
  • 5 minutes
  • Cooperation, deduction, luck
  • RELEASE DATE : September 2020


It’s bedtime! You have brushed your teeth well, put on your pajamas, ready for a good sleep, with your favorite blankie! You open the door of your room and you discover a mysterious little piece of paper on the floor of your room … You quickly call someone to help you read it. Here is what is written on the word:

Ha ha, I just made you a little joke … Yes yes, to you, sleepy head! But I imagine you’re wondering who’s talking to you … Did you always think that the day, when you went about your business, I stayed quietly in my chest stuffed? What nay! What I like in life is making jokes. It’s up to you to find who I am and where I’m hiding …

Florence Migné

In Doudou, the children cooperate to find the blankie who did them a farce and where he hid himself in the bedroom before the night falls.
In order to do that, the naughty blankie left 7 clues cards that children can use.
Each turn, a player picks a clue card and asks one question on the blankie or on the hiding place.
Then, the player checks the answer thanks to a self-correcting “magic” card and it’s the next player’s turn.
The game ends when the players have used all their clues. The players win when they can find the blankie in its hiding place.

With a limited number of attempts offered by the 7 clue cards, no one knows the solution at the start. Together, parents and children will try to make the wisest choices to solve the plot. And if unfortunately the investigation did not succeed, then there will remain the stroke of luck!

The rules

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CHAUDRON PARTY, it’s going to get hot!

A game by Grégory Germain, illustrated by Cyril Bouquet.

Age: 7+ | Duration: 20 min | Number of players: 2 – 4 | Release date : November 2020

Sorcerer’s apprentices, to your grimoires! Wander through the Pacherlebois forest in search of ingredients to concoct your magic potions and thus be declared Grand Sorcerer of the evening! But beware, not only the ingredients are not easy to get, but you must also be careful not to get lost along your way!

Chaudron Party is a family game in which players explore the forest (the memory map)
and try to find the ingredients to concoct potions and score points.
Beware, it will boil in the pots!


Be careful, the ingredients won’t let it happen!
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PHARE ANDOLE, defy the laws of gravity and time!

  • Wooden game
  • 3 modes: 1 VS 1 ~ in teams ~ 1 player
  • Skills ~ Speed ~ Memory
  • RELEASE DATE : July 2020

Seasoned architects, challenge the laws of balance and embark on building lighthouses more beautiful and colorful than each other! Combine speed and dexterity to win the first rounds.

Go further and test your memory in the following rounds!

Phare Andole is winner of the EducaFlip 2016 competition!


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POULE POULE? What’s this game?


Number of players: 2 to 8 • Age: 8+ • Duration: 20 minutes

It’s the Cannes Film Festival and the preview of the film “Poule Poule” is turning into a nightmare. Indeed, just under an hour before the projection, clumsy Waf mixed up all of the film reels ! To help Cocotte, who does not have a minute to lose, and to avoid that Crack does not crack up for good, we must reassemble the film as quickly as possible ! And don’t forget, the story ends with the fifth egg !


The director, the “Poule-poule Master” (PPM), will stack the cards, one by one, on top of each other in the center of the table. Once placed, these cards will compose the Movie.

Meanwhile, the other players will just have to count the eggs ! Easy !

But, expect some troubles…

Here is one available Egg …
(You may have heard about Crack, a promising talent, for the first time on screen in a role of composition!)

When a Hen comes, she sits on an Egg – hop! – the Egg disappears… COUNT 0 !
(No doubt you heard about the famous Cocotte)

And when a Fox comes, he chases one Hen away – hop ! – She goes away ! And so, one Egg comes back ! COUNT 1 !
Otherwise it would be too simple…
(Let us introduce Grrr, the Fox charming…)

Not to mention the rest of the cast …

Egg, Hen, Fox, the world would be very sad if we had already seen it all… Here are the rest of the characters:

From left to right :
Rico Coco ( with a tumultuous past ) ; Waf ( Paf’s cousin ) ; le Fermier ; Tiger Worm ( the one who will make his hole ) ; Crack & Double ( who do not intend to stay in their shell ) ; Coin ( the ambitious who does not stay there … ) ; et Grrr ( trying to pretend to be a chicken, what would he not do to enter the barnyard … )

Neither the moods of the Poule Poule Master

The farmer has a hangover that morning, and decides not to pick up the ostrich eggs ? The duck is hungry and decides to eat the worm ? All those crispy details are in the hand of the Machiavellian Poule Poule Master, who has all the rights! Mouaaaaa! But don’t worry, you will become him too since this role passes from player to player! Good games!

Poule Poule is a TRIC TRAC APPROVED game

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KAMI, falling seven times getting up eight.

  • From 8 years old
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • about 30 minutes
  • discard, confrontation, strategy

I don’t know how many times the Clan has fallen, but again this morning, I’m wearing my sashimono and ready to fight. In spite of the mist and the morning rain, I distinguish our opponents. In this period of perpetual war, however, I do not know who he is. My father fought for my Clan, his father before him, and his father’s father as well. Before every battle, I worship their names to give me strength, courage and victory. I will follow the example of my ancestors, I will respect my Lord and at the end of my life, I too will become a Kami. Junsuke Yori


In Kami, you will have to win a succession of battles to win the victory. 

With an ally, alone against two opponents, or face to face with an army of mercenaries that will influence the outcome of the fight, you will have to use all your troops to come out victorious. 

From the simple Soldier to the intervention of the Dragons, all will have a role to play.


You win a battle by knowing the enemy’s rhythm, and using a rhythm he didn’t expect. Miyamoto Musashi


Kami’s principle is simple. Eight cards in hand, only the last one, if asked, will give you points.
Your opponents will not be fooled and will try to counter your offensives in order to regain the initiative
with the objective of succeeding in laying their last card to win the battle.

The final victory will be determined after several rounds.

Little is learned by victory, but much is learned by defeat.

Kami is freely inspired by the Goïta shogi, card game derived from the shogi, literally “General games”,
which is a traditional Japanese board game approaching chess.

Kami is an Art&Bear co-edition – Oka Luda, beautifully illustrated by Pauline Berdal.


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SAMSARA, will you be the first to reach Nirvana?

A game by Sylas, illustrated by Nicolas Sauge

  • Age : 12 +
  • Number of players: 1 to 5 players
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Deck building ~ Moving ~ Running

Samsara is a deck-building and pawn-moving game where the goal is to reach Nirvana by collecting the mythical Amulets of Eternity before the other players! On the wheel of life, it’s up to you to manage the balance between good and bad karma during your multiple reincarnations!

Five Amulets will be needed to open the gates of Nirvana. While retrieving one may be easy, the second requires a bit of luck. For the two following ones, patience and tenacity will be necessary for you, young incarnate! But, the fifth… You will have to be beyond suspicion, beyond reproach, without stain on your Karma!

All the depth of the game will be due to a clever mix of opportunism and reason, passion and reflection. Each character will of course have different advantages, personal powers that will allow him to play difficult situations. But the path is no less tortuous on the wheel of samsara, a wheel of life, where your character will live different experiences, at his own pace.

The rhythm of some will not be the rhythm of others, each player will have to make choices. Take possession of an amulet by messing up your karma, or wait for a better opportunity and take advantage of it to improve your game. When with the first option, you risk having a difficult endgame, with the second, you risk seeing the amulet disappear to the benefit of another player!

Board & cards – photo @I Love My Pixel

Standees – photo @I Love My Pixel

Box interior – photo @I Love My Pixel