A game by Sylas, illustrated by Nicolas Sauge

  • Age : 12 +
  • Number of players: 1 to 5 players
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Deck building ~ Moving ~ Running

Samsara is a deck-building and pawn-moving game where the goal is to reach Nirvana by collecting the mythical Amulets of Eternity before the other players! On the wheel of life, it’s up to you to manage the balance between good and bad karma during your multiple reincarnations!

Five Amulets will be needed to open the gates of Nirvana. While retrieving one may be easy, the second requires a bit of luck. For the two following ones, patience and tenacity will be necessary for you, young incarnate! But, the fifth… You will have to be beyond suspicion, beyond reproach, without stain on your Karma!

All the depth of the game will be due to a clever mix of opportunism and reason, passion and reflection. Each character will of course have different advantages, personal powers that will allow him to play difficult situations. But the path is no less tortuous on the wheel of samsara, a wheel of life, where your character will live different experiences, at his own pace.

The rhythm of some will not be the rhythm of others, each player will have to make choices. Take possession of an amulet by messing up your karma, or wait for a better opportunity and take advantage of it to improve your game. When with the first option, you risk having a difficult endgame, with the second, you risk seeing the amulet disappear to the benefit of another player!

Board & cards – photo @I Love My Pixel

Standees – photo @I Love My Pixel

Box interior – photo @I Love My Pixel