3-player mode: 10-card variant

In the 3-player mode, deal 10 cards per player, not 8 as on the initial rule.
As a reminder, the player who deals the card is also the first player.

Two cards will therefore remain at the end of the deal: the 2nd player (placed on the left of the first player) can look at one of them. The 3rd player can look at the other card, the one that the 2nd player did not look.

As the first player hides a card during his first turn, each player will have the knowledge of a card that others will not know.

If a round ends with a hidden defense card and an identical attack card, the points are doubled.

No. To be able to play an Empress as attack, there must be one already played as defense, by any player. (except for the last (attack) card).

If an Empress is hidden in defense, the other Empress can’t be played as attack (except for the last (attack) card!)

NO, this rule applies only for 4 player game.

NO, you must end with an attack card (taken from your hand).

No. When you use a card from the mercenaries, that card must be played immediately (can’t be added to the hand).

No. The last (attack) card played must come from the hand.