Oka Luda, a 100% good karma board games publisher!

Oka Luda was formed around 3 good games lovers … First of all, there is the man of the woods, the one who adores to trudge in the mountain alone, with just a blanket, stuff to light a fire, and the true nature around him. Then there is the dictator of happiness, the “frank flemish”, perched on a paw, the one who never chews his words (ouch!) and whose mission is to upset the established order in the world of the game … an ambitious fellow! And then, the little missing piece to the puzzle, specialist in small details that are useless… She fell very late in the pot of board games, she never misses a game night and especially, an opportunity to have fun.

Then you will tell me: why 100% good karma games? Well, we chose this slogan around the theme of Samsara, the game that brought us together, and it must be said that good karma has been with us during all this wonderful adventure! We continue to surf this beautiful wave for our next games, keeping a positive and humane attitude through all our practices and exchanges.

Christophe Fievet

CHRISTOPHE – The Fevered Player

Former Company Manager
Former Interior Decorator
Fetish phrase: “Be yourself, others are already taken,” Oscar Wilde

“Through the experience of entrepreneurship, I draw the strength and energy to move forward!” Always on the lookout for new ideas, unexplored territories, the world of the game opened to me since my youngest age …. Since then, the game is Karma! “

Miguel Wetter

MIGUEL – The Bear of Taverns

Organizer (Grandeur-Nature …)
Fetish phrase: “We’ll see this Monday. ”

“Organizer of Grandeur Nature games for eons, I have discovered in this way a vocation for logistics … .work that I exercise for 20 years … And as there is a little time left in my days of 36 hours, I live on festivals and participate in short films as actors or props … Who said Swiss knife? “

Mireille Joffre

MIMI – The Champion of Games for 3 to 6 years old

Graphic Designer
Former carrier of educational projects
Former Future adventurer
Fetish phrase: “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” , Gandhi

“Rather a specialist in daydreams and little nonsense, I stumbled into the world of games by chance… and this world seduced me! I’m decided, I’m staying and I’m enjoying the journey that brings me many adventures and encounters as playful as inspiring.”