EXTENSION Happy Eggs’mas!

The editing of the film Poule Poule continues!

New actors appear: Santa Claus, his faithful elves, gift papers, children and Roger who can’t help disguising himself… For a “Happy Eggs’mas”!


It is necessary to know the basic rules before adding the characters of the extension!

THE GIFT PAPERS (X3) AND THE ELVES (X2): Once one available Egg is in the presence of one Gift Paper and one Elf, then the Egg is packaged and therefore no more available (one Gift Paper and one Elf are only used for one egg).

THE CHILDREN (X2): The children unpack all packaged Eggs, making them available again! Yay!

SANTA CLAUS (X1): Collects all the packaged Eggs.

SANTA ROGER (X1): Remove Roger card. Same role as in the basic game, but strongly resembles Santa! It is played with the previous cards.

THE MOODS OF THE PPM: The Gift Papers, the Elves and the Children are of different colors, and each one deals only with his own color! For example, the Orange Elf packs only with Orange Paper or Green and Orange Paper, and likewise
for the Children …

A game by Charles Bossart, illustrated by Pauline Berdal