How to play with the Oka Luda goodies card?

Oka Luda, the Goose (x1): Add the Oka Luda card to the Movie.

When the Goose comes into play, the Foxes cover the Eggs and the Hens hunt the Foxes!

Be careful, the rules of the other characters do not change! For example, the Dog still hunts the next Fox, the Earthworm is always eaten by the Hen etc.

How about the Duck?

The Duck card has no effect on the Movie but, when it comes out, all players must say “Quack !” at the first Duck, and “Quack ! Quack !” at the second one. The PPM is free to decide what to do with those who didn’t follow this rule !

On the other hand, the Machiavellian PPM – having all the rights – can decide to play in “HUNGRY DUCK” mode: the Duck eats an Earthworm already present in the Movie, thus cancelling his effect.

Comment jouer avec la carte goodies Oka Luda?

L’oie Oka Luda (x1) : Ajoutez la carte Oka Luda au Film.

Lorsque l’Oie arrive en jeu, les Renards couvent les Oeufs et les Poules chassent les Renards.

Attention, les règles des autres personnages ne changent pas ! Par exemple, le Chien chasse toujours le prochain Renard, le Ver de Terre est toujours mangé par les Poules etc.